Promotion of the day!

Today we have a great promotion of the day! To each product you buy,  you receive 100 ml of raspberry syrup.

I'm using fruit syrups for:

„Healthy” line syrups

We present you „Healthy” line of syrups


“The Fruit Land” syrups are created on the natural base, thickened fruit juices with addition of vitamin C.

We have three tastes for you to chose: aronia, blackberry and raspberry.

Our syrups are exceptional because of their variety of use – they are well checked as a glaze to ice-creams and also as a culinary component of creams and cakes.

During long evenings in autumn and winter our syrups can be prepared with hot tea and will improve your mood for sure.

Thanks to condensation are unusually economic and effective - after diluting it 1:9 they let on huge economies - from one small bottle of 0.25 l you receive over 2 liters of drink.